so about me…

Super mom by day and adventure-seeker by night. I like to have fun. I collect memories and not things. I’m weird, friendly, and adventurous. I wear my heart on my sleeve and pour myself into each endeavor that I feel passionate about. I make friends with just about everyone.

I have a background in science and education and adore kids. I have a 20 year plan of owning a small farm with a horse and chickens.

Sky-diving in 2014. changed. my. life. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to never, ever give up and to always push harder to reach the stars and exceed my goals.

I believe in magic. I believe in love. I believe in living your life the way you want and not the way you are told you should.

Photography is part of my love story. It found me when I needed it. I fell into it after I had kids (2 beautiful boys) and needed an outlet to express myself, to feel, and to love. They are my life but not all the pieces of me. Outside of them I love to dance, adventure into the woods and go camping, and learn new things – beer brewing, glass blowing, sailing (both on a boat and the trapeze kind) . . . I want to do it all.

Capturing love sets my soul on fire. I can’t get enough of photographing people in love – couples and families alike. I want to create art for you that expresses the connections within your family. I want you to feel  when you look at your images and get those fluttering warm fuzzies when you see your artwork on the walls of your home or when you flip through your album with your children and grandchildren.

Time is all we have. Let’s collect moments together by capturing your loved ones in photographs.


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